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Summer Special

Already have the basics? Want to progress your kayaking and a qualified guide on the river with you?

Tuesday and Thursday Drop-in sessions.

We have one lap down the Chucks, stopping for drills and exercices to improve your paddling

1.5 hours $25 Per Person

Kayak School

Learn to Kayak from the locals

Shuswap Paddle Adventures facilitates 1 to 5 day kayak courses. Learn basic skills and rolling techniques on beautiful Mabel Lake and progress to advanced river running on the Shuswap River. Our experienced team of kayak coaches have been born locally and raised on the banks of the Shuswap River and want to share their backyard with you.

Pricing (per person)   Half Day            Full Day

One on one                        $135                         $245

Groups of 2 or 3                  $85                          $149

Groups of 4 or more          $59                           $99

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